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Chiseled Perfections is a trademark of Chiseled Perfections LLC so you may not use that name in a review. I hereby demand that you cease and desist from using the name Chiseled Perfdctions in a review.

My husband is not a scammer. He is the mastermind behind baroque inspired furniture. He is the industry leader in throne chairs and you people need to respect that. I’m a lawyer and I won’t tolerate anyone disparaging Chiseled Perfextions TM.

Also, we created the Takita Criwn chair. It was my husbands idea and Mike Kimbro stole the idea even though I copywrited it.

All of our furniture is copywrited and cannot be used it replicated or displayed without our written permission. Another thing, my dad is the largest importer in the United States but he has nothing to do with Chiseled Perfextions TM.

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This business is a scam! I ordered some items and they were never delivered.

Poor customer service from Melina who doesn't return calls when she says she would.

It doesnt take 3+ months to get an order delivered! They take your money before even shipping the product AVOID THIS

to Alex Pierce #1446651

Hi,i have almost the same issue, an order from chiseledperfections , i bought sofa and other furniture on 1st of December 2017 , after 3 months of following up , Ben Bales sent me refund email without any money back.i noticed with my search for past of 2 days that they have disabled all the reviews coming from the clients , so this is the only one. also i have create an account on yelp to make sure all of you write the same on yelp chiseledperfections noticed that they don't have a real address which lead that they are scammers.be careful


I’ve been waiting since November and they’ve delivered the wrong chair twice already


This must be common for them.My business partner has been waiting 90 plus days for an order of chairs.

All we ask for is honesty, but we get the run around from Melina as well. I figured what it is.

The order never came like promised. Fyi waited patiently and still no consideration with offering any discount or real updates.


Chiseled Perfections has 7 current lawsuits against them and more on the way.


They are the worst company ever! Such liars and very dishonest. Don't do business with them, they will give you the run around.

to Lisa Jones #1456333

I told Ben to go **** himself via text and that was why my negative review on the better buisness page didn't go thru. Which really sucks, but he deserved it.


Chiseled Perfections is a scam and everyone knows it. How about you try having a good work ethic and maybe you will get somewhere in life. Might be too late though Melina

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